Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Heal A Broken Heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart - "Love & Survival" by Dr Dean Ornish

How to Heal A broken Heart

 A speech at Beach Cities Toastmasters Club, Manhattan Beach, California

Dr. Ornish explains in his book "Love & Survival" 8 Pathways to Intimacy and Healing, that the three most important cause of heart failure and chest pain are:

1. Lack of Love
2. Lack of Intimacy, or connection with a friend to talk about it
3. Isolation, or lack of social support, group support, or reference group

Here is the link to How To Heal A broken Heart video

I also found that when solving the three above conditions is not enough, when we have more love and laughter in our lives, a friend to whom connect in a safe environment where we are heard and we can express/share our feelings, emotions and thoughts, and we have the adequate group support, a holistic energy healing practitioner can heal our hearts...

They could be a Reiki practitioner, bio-energetic/bio-meditation one, an acupuncturist, one that practice energy clearing techniques, and others

3. Now what is Love? We usually think that love is a very strong liking or attraction between two people. 

Just remember when you were teenager: how many times your mother put up with you! & she still loves you! This is unconditional love! 

Love is much more than that. Love is a powerful energy capable to influence people's hearts. 

Energy is the capacity to do work or overcome resistance. Energy is power or the capacity to influence. In a Coldplay song, Chris Martin says: "Use your heart as a weapon..., it hurts like heaven"...

One very interesting thing I found in this book is that most of the experts on the fields of love, intimacy, & group support say:
"These 3 factors are very powerful in ways that we don't fully understand yet"
That wasn't enough for me. I interviewed the 3 energy healing holistic practitioners. 

They explained to me that negative emotions create an energetic electromagnetic field blockage in and around the heart that causes the pain and weakness to the heart. An energy healing session neutralizes this negative energy pattern, bringing back health to the heart and the flow of energy to the heart & the rest of the body. (An energy work healing session removes that blockage, allowing the energy to flow again.) Bio-enrgetic therapy Reiki Master

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